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Just Plain Software Co is dedicated to supplying software customised to your exact needs. Specialising in Delphi and database application development.

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I am John Cooper, I have written a lot of Hazard Analysis software, but over the years I have dabbled in all sorts of areas. My CV gives details of my expertise.

I also have connections with both software and hardware suppliers, so can provide a full service, from designing your solution to delivering it, including hardware.

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Telephone: +44 20 8395 8127

Voicemail: +44 20 8020 2608

FAX: +44 20 8020 2609

Conference: +44 871 988 2608 (needs PIN)

Software to download

RAStimer for Windows NT (Intel version). Successfully tested under versions 3.51 and 4.00

This little utility allows you to keep track of your telephone bills and Internet Service Providers costs, it monitors your outgoing remote access calls.

Two versions:

V1 can be run as a service and so will log calls when you aren't logged in. Get v1.04 readme or get v1.04 program. Will only log one connection at once.

V2 has a new GUI interface, will log more than one connection at a time, and allows different charging rates for different phone book entries. Keeps a history and displays All, Month, or Day as a bar graph - duration, cost, and calls. Get v2.1 readme or get v2.1 full install.

Patch to v2.1.3 executable only, install 2.1 then replace exe with file from v2.1.3

A big thank you to all my beta testers.

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People I have written software for in various guises are: Ashmount Research, the authors of Virtual Access the paragon of Internet access software (now owned by Atlantic Coast plc), Frontline, /S/A/V/E/ Consultants (not Web aware yet), Owl Software Ltd.

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Curriculum Vitae

John Philip Sebastian Cooper


Just Plain Software Co
Rochester Lodge
Bridge Road
Surrey SM6 8SQ

Date of birth

13 September 1959

Professional Affiliations:

Member of the Association for Computing Machinery

Relevant Experience:

With Just Plain Software Co, recent projects

At Four Elements I worked with UNIX workstations, programming in Modula-2 and C, and for MS-Windows in Gupta SQLWindows with DLLs written in Borland C++. I designed several database applications working against Gupta's SQLBase database engine. My role as Computer Scientist meant that I provided support for engineers and analysts using end-user tools (spreadsheets and more specialist applications).

At Technica I worked under VAX/VMS, programming in FORTRAN 77 and also on a PDP-11 running RSTS, the package being written in DEC BASIC PLUS.

I have many years experience of scientific applications programming, with particular emphasis on programs for hazard analysis.

The latter include:

My experience includes low-level (assembler) programming for many diverse CPUs (Z80, 8086, 80286, DEC VAX, and PDP-11) as well as higher level (FORTRAN, Forth, Pascal, Modula-2, C and C++) and system programming. I have worked with relational databases and 4GLs (SQLBase/SQLWindows, and Borland Delphi versions 1, 2 and 3 using Borland Interbase, MS SQL Server and Sybase SQL Anywhere). Also, outside my professional activities, I have constructed a micro-based system for which I designed my own compiler (NASCOM). I am currently looking after a 70s minicomputer for eventual delivery to a museum of Computer Science at Bletchley Park.


2009 to date

Just Plain Software Co, as above

1995 to 2009

JPSC Ltd, as above

Recent work undertaken for clients includes program development under Windows NT; a client/server project using Borland Delphi 3 and MicroSoft SQL Server 6.5; a port of a program from Solaris using Sun C to NT using GNU C++; and delivery of a suite of programs for Windows 3 and 95 using Borland Delphi 1.


Four Elements Ltd (now ERM)

Joined when it was started up, as Head of Software Services, a two man department supplying both hardware and software support to all aspects of the company. As the company grew I moved to Chief Computer Scientist, specialising in risk analysis software development. The main software products were PLATO, for offshore risk analysis, and Riskplot II, for onshore risk integration. In addition to the products I was author of several one-off applications for particular jobs. During my time at Four Elements I was co-author of several papers on the innovative technology behind PLATO. Quantification of escalation effects in offshore quantitative risk assessment published in the Journal of Loss Prevention vol 7 no 4, July 1994.


Technica Ltd (now DNV Technica)

I was employed initially as a computer software specialist, developing and producing both in-house and client software packages. Later, I was appointed System Manager of Technica's Software Products Division. I was responsible for major parts of Technica's scientific computing activity, including design and implementation of programs for environmental and safety assessment, including the risk summation modules of the SAFETI package. I was also responsible for the specification and acquisition of computer hardware.

I joined Technica soon after it was founded, and over eight years built up the computer facilities to support a team of ten programmers and modellers, forty engineers running applications programs for risk analyses, and ten secretarial and support staff running wordprocessing and timesheet analysis software, with links to the company's two other European offices.


Racal Decca Navigator

As Programmer/Analyst, I provided software support for a team of programmers. I produced a macro- processor front end for a high level assembler for a helicopter Tactical Airborne Navigation System. The Decca Navigator radio chain was switched off on 31/3/2000.


Cremer and Warner

I was employed as a computer programmer within the hazards and environmental team, producing software for CDC Cyber 70 and 7600 machines to simulate the behavior of dense gas clouds. I was a joint author of a paper entitled A model for evaluating the probabilities and consequences of possible outcomes following releases of toxic or flammable gases, in Heavy Gas and Risk Assessment, ed. S. Hartwig, publ. D. Reidel, 1980.



Abingdon School



'A' Level

'O' Level: